The Next Big Eco-Scare

There is nothing more sad than lefty environmentalists without a cause celebre.

With the grudging demise of global warming, the next “big thing” must be found and soon.

Think of it.  If there isn’t a frantic new eco-hysteria to get billionaire liberals upset and in the giving mood, bad things can happen to the parasitic enviro-scientific community.   Grants dry up, and seminars can’t be held in exotic locations at taxpayers’ or some foundation’s expense anymore. No more honoraria and travel expenses for speaking to hip eco-trenders.

Several months ago, the “next big thing” being floated was  acidification of oceans.  There was a scary movie featuring sick-looking crustaceans.  Sigourney Weaver breathy voice-track aside, it doesn’t seem to be gaining traction. Crabs aren’t as cute as polar bears?

Enter the “runner-up” hysteria heir-apparent: mass extinction of the species.

A scientific article that came out over Labor Day weekend is the impetus for the extinction theory.  Dr. John Alroy, writing in Science, published September 3, makes it all sound very dire:

New research by Macquarie University palaeobiologist, Dr John Alroy, predicts major changes to the rules of evolution as we understand them now. Those changes will have serious consequences for future biodiversity because no one can predict which groups will come to dominate after the current mass extinction.

Alroy said today’s extinction is due to a range of human behaviours and activities coupled with the effects of climate change


Alroy’s findings indicate that as a result of a range of factors, the major extinction event currently underway will be much more severe than has been seen in most other major periods of mass extinction. Alroy notes there have been only three mass extinctions on the level of the current one in the last half billion years. Organisms that might have adapted in the past may not be able to this time, he said.

You may end up with a dramatically altered sea floor because of changes in the dominance of major groups. That is,the extinction occurring now will overturn the balance of the marine groups.”

The day Alroy’s findings went public, Yahoo News’ scientific writer, Jeremy Hsu picked up the ball and advanced the theory to an even larger audience, in an article titled,Mass Extinction Threat: Earth on Verge of Huge Reset Button?” See how quickly and eagerly the hysteria-mongers react?

Doug Hoffman of “Resilient Earth” is one of the many “climate realist” scientists who use new media and blogs. He was quick to analyze and criticize Alroy’s findings and Hsu’s interpretation of them:

 “That's right, humanity is as dangerous as all of the natural disasters that caused mass extinctions in the past. We are raising temperatures, increasing erosion, messing up ocean chemistry and destroying the entire food chain! The real tip-off that Hsu is an eco-alarmist is the mention of the Anthropocene, an unrecognized geologic time period dreamed up by green alarmists. For background information on the Anthropocene see “Welcome To The Anthropocene” and “A Brave New Epoch?

Doug has a thorough review of the “mass extinction” events in history.  Read it all here.

In the meantime, keep an eye on your kids’ science homework at school.  The next eco-craze is coming soon and bound to be expensive for taxpayers, whatever it is. The way to our wallets is through our children.

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