The Islamintern Is Coming to (Chi-) Town

President Obama's adopted home town will host an event next week that epitomizes Sharia encroachment: the global Islamintern is coming to Chi-town.

Next Tuesday through Thursday September 28-30, 2010, the  Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), our era's "Islamintern," in cooperation with the American Islamic College (AIC) is sponsoring a program at the AIC's Chicago campus, entitled, "The Role of the OIC and The scope for its relations with American Muslims."  Founded in 1969, the OIC is now a 56 state collective which includes every Islamic nation on earth. Currently headed by Turkey's Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the OIC thus represents the entire Muslim umma (or global community of individual Muslims), and is the largest single voting bloc in the United Nations (UN). 

John Laffin, the late (d. 2000) military historian, and prolific writer on Islam, warned already in 1988 that the Jedda-based OIC, under Saudi Arabia's patronage, was persuading Muslim nations to jettison even their inchoate adoption of "Western models and codes," and revert to pre-colonial era (pre-Western) retrograde systems of Sharia, or Islamic Law. The Saudis proffered sizable loans and grants from their institutions in return for the more extensive application of Sharia in these targeted OIC countries. Laffin also noted the unprecedented Saudi distribution of media and print materials which extended to non-Muslim countries, including tens of millions of Korans, translated into many languages for the hundreds of millions of Muslims (and non-Muslims) who did not read Arabic. He concluded at that time,

Propaganda is carried on from Riyadh on a scale comparable to Moscow's effort to spread Communism

Fast forward two decades to June, 2007, when President Bush, during a re-dedication ceremony for the Saudi-funded Islamic Center Washington, DC announced that a special US envoy to the 56 Muslim nation Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) would be appointed. According to the President, this envoy's mission would be to "listen and learn."  Within a day of Mr. Bush's announcement, investigative journalist Steve Emerson warned that the appointment of such an envoy was a potentially serious error, observing appositely,

...that hours after his speech, CAIR [the Council on American Islamic Relations], the un-indicted co-conspirator in the Hamas case in Dallas, congratulated the president on the appointment of a representative to OIC. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

On Wednesday February 27, 2008, Sada Cumber, a Pakistani Muslim immigrant to Texas, and technology tycoon, was formally designated as the first US special envoy to the OIC. When interviewed on March 16, 2008, within 3-weeks later, about his first formal "listening and learning" experience at the OIC's recent Dakar (Senegal) conference, Cumber opined, "...the way things are going on in this conference I can almost see the new leadership moving into moderation and that alone is very encouraging news."

Cumber also endorsed the OIC's fulminations over the Danish cartoons, and Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders', at that time, soon to be released short documentary on Koranic incitement to violence and hatred, "Fitna." Our man at the OIC then stated his immoral equivalence plainly: "Very few people do this anti-religion, and they don't leave Jews alone, they don't leave Christians alone and they don't leave Muslims alone...They are bigots and bigotry will always be there."   

But Cumber ignored, indeed he appeared willfully blind to, the OIC's ongoing, continued failure to condemn, unequivocally, homicide bomb mass murder "jihad martyrdom" attacks on all potential civilian targets-including Israelis. Cumber's bowdlerized pieties about the OIC's so-called "moderate" leadership, and his breathtaking assertion-OIC attempts to suppress freedom of expression, and OIC failure to condemn religiously-inspired mass murder, notwithstanding -- "oh my goodness, I think the Muslim values that they are aspiring here are exactly in sync' with American values" -- cast grave doubts on the basic propriety of this position overall.  

Now two special US envoys to the OIC later -- both the former, Sada Cumber, and current envoy, Rashad Hussain, will be in attendance at the Chicago OIC program -- one must seriously consider the extent of OIC propaganda efforts aimed at the Islamization of our country. Perhaps in Chicago some intrepid (and informed) mainstream media reporter -- underscoring how the OIC's agenda is diametrically opposed to the US Constitution -- will ask the representatives of this avatar of mainstream Islam about its blatant rejection of freedom of conscience, and openly espoused efforts to impose Universal Islamic Blasphemy Law.
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