The Invisible Militia

America's liberal media routinely demonstrate a formulaic knee-jerk response to the threat of white militias no matter what disorganized, shapeless form any such rag-tag organizations may take. Any white lunatic who perpetrates a violent event is immediately cast unquestioningly by the mainstream media as possible new evidence of some vague, relatively unstructured but assuredly white threat to all those of a progressive persuasion. By the way, for any aspiring liberal Journolistas, here's the formula: Any white + any violence = probable white militia. (See Time Magazine's new cover story this week!)

If you are Caucasian and mildly pleased with being so, then you are not only a racist in the eyes of the liberal media, you are, as well, a potentially violent threat to all people of color. Never mind the countless mainstream media articles praising those same people of color organizing in such a way as to proclaim their black pride or brown pride. In the eyes and minds of liberal America there is equal and then there is equal. If you are of Caucasian descent, you can forget about either term ever being applied to you and your offspring.

 Consider the New Black Panther Party and their extra-legal existence as a racial militia in contemporary America. Look at this rather self-defining list of demands which constitutes their platform, taken from their website, and draw your own conclusions. If it doesn't scare the hell out of you that people who subscribe to this sort of racist militancy are meeting with foreign leaders who have openly spoken of the end of America, then you aren't tuned in, Bubba.

Standing in formations, in uniform, these NBPP racist militarists are making no bones about their desires. In the first few articles of their party platform they demand a separate black nation and reparations. They don't believe in a WWII Jewish Holocaust but they do believe in an African Holocaust, claiming that 600 million* Africans have been martyred in this apparently ongoing carnage, making the Jews a bunch of complaining pikers with only six million slaughtered by the Nazis. Note that Article Three calls for the establishment of peoples' tribunals to prosecute and execute so they're apparently not shying away from the prospect of further political slaughter.

Article Four demands communal housing and free medical care. Article Five demands black studies programs which are already available on almost every campus in America. Article Six demands exemption from military service for all blacks. This is to prevent them from having to fight and kill other people of color at the behest of the racist American government. I wonder if they would be standing in lines at enlistment offices if we declared war on Norway? The article also contains a less than veiled threat to fight the police and the military.

Frankly, I'm in complete agreement with the first part of Article Seven which calls for an end to police harassment and brutality. I'm in even more solid agreement with the call for an end to black on black violence although the bit about snitching, cooperation and collaboration with the oppressor strikes me as a bit out of sync with the call for an end to violence.

It is however the second part of Article Seven which should focus our attention. There the call is made for the implementation of black self-defense groups, black militias (their word not mine) and black liberation armies. The article further proposes an African United Front for the purpose of arming for self-defense.

Article Eight seeks freedom for all blacks held in any form of legal incarceration. Such detainees would be, "Released to the lawful authorities of the Black Nation." Article Nine continues in this vein with the demand that black defendants only be tried by black juries. Article Ten logically follows on that demand with one for an end to racist capital punishment but goes much further in demanding land to establish an exclusively black nation with this interesting observation, "No one has been able to get along with the white man." And here I thought we'd done a rather admirable job all these decades with those Japanese who led us to war with a sneak attack on our sovereign soil and whose nation the white man helped rebuild from ashes..

Seriously, go to their website and read this stuff. Then ask yourself, "Why were these people meeting with that little Iranian weasel, Ahmadinijad, in New York?" Why were these black militia leaders, who refer in their published declarations to white Americans as devils and America as an evil nation, meeting with a man who has called us the Great Satan and called for the destruction of this same nation?

Hey you liberal media twerps, if this were the Aryan Brotherhood meeting with Vladimir Putin would you still have your heads so firmly (and willingly) buried? Is it going to take a Field Marshal Shabazz and his troops rolling through Times Square in tanks for you to finally identify them as militia? Until then I must assume they will remain the Invisible Militia, hmmm?

*Which would represent two of every three Africans from Cairo to Cape Town.