The Coulter-Homocon controversy

I like Joseph Farah. I love Ann Coulter. But Joseph Farah's attacks on the rights of conservatives to speak at "gay" events, like Homocon, are fabulously inconsistent.

For the record, I oppose "same-sex marriage" because I oppose adults-only libertarianism, and so does Ann Coulter, but Jesus associated with all kinds of controversial individuals/groups, to the chagrin of angry Pharisees.

Indeed, Christians (like Farah) are undermining their Gospel message, and he sounds somewhat dramatic when he asks:

Am I the only one willing to stand up for marriage as an institution of one man and one woman?

Am I the only one willing to stand up for a U.S. military unencumbered by perverse social experiments?

Am I the only one willing to stand up for liberty as a gift of God?

This is laughable. Ann Coulter's column remains dumped from his website [correction; this is not true. WND informs us her column continues to run at that site, and we regret the error - Thomas Lifson, editor] but Chuck Norris and other WorldNetDaily columnists are safe because...?

Reality: Norris (not Coulter) starred in one far-reaching and influential movie with homosexual/bi-sexual themes, and you can't have it both ways (unless you're bi-sexual). 

Again, I like Farah, but I love Coulter. And don't worry. We can still love the hypocrite, without supporting his hypocrisy.