The Baehr Essentials

So the settlement freeze has ended, and so far, the world has not ended. 

Michael Singh offers some advice to the Administration. 

Mark Silverberg
on how the Arabs negotiate.

And in the thinking outside the box department, an alternative to" the two states that will not anytime soon be living side by side in peace, love and security."

Mark Steyn
on how the West surrenders to radical Islam (thanks to Scott Powell for this one).   

Until recently, I thought the most absurd political story of the year was that President Obama had decided that the principal goal of NASA going forward was to enhance Muslim self esteem in science and mathematics. Then comes this, about the U.N. naming a space ambassador to greet alien visitors.   

Unless you were reading conservative websites you would have missed the outrageous story, unreported by the national media,  that has been building for the last 18 months about the shameful behavior of Eric Holder's Justice Department, which refused  to prosecute the Black Panther Party for intimidating white voters in Philadelphia in 2008.
But far worse, are the new revelations that the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department has refused to prosecute or even investigate any violations of the Voting Rights act  act in which minorities were not the victims. Equal justice under law? Not under Eric Holder.

When testimony was being offered in the House on these charges, the Democrats chose to invite Steven Colbert to make a mockery of a hearing on migrant labor and get all the TV cameras into the room with Colbert, and out of the room with the hearing on the Justice Department. So how is that hope and change thing doing for you these days? 

More on the testimony.  

The deliberate failure of the Justice Department to enforce the law in a color blind fashion, leads to the kind of vote theft horrors now seen in Kansas City and Texas

Get up to speed on  stuxnet. I approve of the individuals who made the decision to  target Iranian nuclear facilities with this new computer worm.

George Will
, who has been on fire lately (no Cubs pennant race to distract him), has a new project for the gender police.

In general, I do not like lawsuits, but there are exceptions.

The "moderate" ground zero mosque imam is caught off the record.