Scott Brown calls out Harvard for continuing to ban ROTC

Deftly underlining the hypocrisy of Massachusetts' pre eminent institution of higher education, the state's newest senator Scott Brown (R) strongly criticized Harvard University for its decision to continue banning ROTC until "don't ask, don't tell" is repealed.

"I am extremely disappointed to learn of Harvard University's decision to continue to ban ROTC from its campus,'' the Massachusetts Republican said in a statement. "It is incomprehensible to me that Harvard does not allow ROTC to use its facilities, but welcomes students who are in this country illegally.''


"Harvard has its priorities upside down,'' Brown said. "They should embrace young people who want to serve their country, rather than promoting a plan that provides amnesty to students who are in this country illegally.''

Brown, who is a lieutenant colonel in the Massachusetts National Guard, welcomed those who want to lobby on these issues but

"Just like everybody else - they want to lobby on "don't ask don't tell,'' they want to lobby about the Dream Act, that's great. Come on up,'' he said. "But to hold our men and women, the students who want to participate in ROTC, hostage because of those beliefs is wrong."

No question about it, that Massachusetts Senate seat is definitely the people's seat and Scott Brown is sitting comfortably in it.