Proposed EPA Rules on Lead Paint

The EPA has new rules on lead paint abatement when renovating, repairing, or repainting residential rental property (read them here).

As a quick look will reveal, it is lengthy and complicated, with many links. It is obvious that it is a bureaucratic nightmare for an elderly person with one rental unit. 

The contractors who are certified will have to charge outrageous prices in order to comply with these rules.  Even if you can find a contractor willing to comply with all that would be involved (like the "white glove test"), and even if the landlord were to have to the money to pay for it, they would still be required to have copies of the rules at hand and have tenants read and sign papers before doing any work. 

Landlords would have to keep all the information of file. How many landlords even know this?  The ramifications have the potential of making rents sky-rocket and scaring landlords to the point that no one will want to rent property.  Also you know the old saying "first they came for (fill in the blank) and then they came for me." Can private home owners be far behind?  How about newer properties and mold? 

If they get away with this what is to stop them from making private home owners get permission to renovate their own homes?
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