Obamanomics & the art of computer sales

Somebody should have told Zhou Feng that Obamanomics has consequences in the private sector. From the Shanghai Daily comes the story of an aggressive young man whose single minded ambition to reach the top ultimately led him to ruin.

Zhou Feng was hired as a computer salesman in 2006. Zhou had a burning desire to succeed and to climb the company ladder. Unwilling to put in the time and honest effort to rise to the top, Zhou developed a unique new sales method which allowed him to sell laptop computers at an astounding pace.

Salesmen enter the retail price in the company's retail orders and later settle with the company's financial staff based on the prices noted.

He thought he would note down prices higher than the company's minimum and sell the computers at much lower prices. He could use the sales income he collected later to cover the difference, prosecutors said.

Zhou, having achieved a good sales performance in this way, was soon promoted head of a sales outlet and later manager of a branded product of the company.


But with the increase in sales and growing deficits, Zhou was eventually unable to make up the difference.

The company's financial staff discovered in May 2009 that the company failed to get back payment for 1,940 laptops. All the laptops had been sold by Zhou.

Zhou Feng's ambition cost his employer 6.1 million yuan ($897,000) and now faces a minimum of three years in prison if convicted.

Isn't it strange that Zhou's meteoric rise was never questioned until it was too late? His "smoke and mirrors" tactics created an illusion of competence and success that opened door after door at his company. Does he remind you of anyone?

Lying, cheating and falsifying financial reports may work for certain elected officials in Washington D.C., but in the real world people are often held accountable for their actions.