Muslim children 'bear the burden of 9/11'

Who bears one of the biggest burdens from the attacks of 9/11? If you were to answer the families of the victims of that horrible day just nine years ago, you would be wrong according to the politically correct, weepy report in the Chicago Tribune by Manya Brachear which turns the followers of the religion that inspired the attacks into victims.

Muslim teens grow up in shadow of terrorist attacks
Children bear burden of day Americans will never forget
The old fashioned paper article carries it even further with an additional headline
"Muslim children bear burden of 9/11."

Now certainly the carefully selected, wholesome model American Muslim teens depicted in this article, who were children on that day, didn't take part in the attacks. And as children they must have been confused when they received strange looks or heard some mild negative comments such as "terrorist" directed at them and their families. And that's the only "burden" they suffered. But they're teenagers now, older. They still don't seem to question certain aspects of their religion or culture--indeed some are rather defiantly proud of it--and indeed, the article portrays them as victims--"burdened," -  not by the evil of their co religionists who acted in the name of their mutual religion but by others understandably wary of them.

No mention anywhere in today's Chicago Tribune are the children left parentless by 9/11. How are they faring? Perhaps because it wouldn't be politically correct, the Tribune ignores them. But these children as well as all the survivors of those slaughtered are the ones who "bear a burden" that will endure for all their lives.

By ignoring them and focusing on a marginal human interest story Ms. Brachear created a twisted moral equivalence; inflating some minor distractions into major problems to create victims where there were none while ignoring the true suffering victims of the survivors.

Manipulating public feelings in this way worked in the bad old days when the MSM were the gatekeepers of the news. Now it merely exposes their biases and failings.