More J Street Revelations (that have nothing to do with Soros)

Scrolling through the Form 990 listing the major contributors to J Street, an anti-Israel group with close ties to the Obama administration, that described itself as Obama's blocking back in dealing with Israel supporters in America,   I came across the name of S. Daniel Abraham, the founder of Slim Fast.

He is also an appeasement-minded activist who funded and founded the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace. Now that is just one more appeasement minded think tank in DC. Ho-hum.

But one factor is worthy of attention: he created a well-paying sinecure for former Congressman Robert Wexler who faced re-election problems due to scandals (he lied about his residency for political and financial reasons).  Wexler is the President of the S. Daniel Abraham Center and became so right after he left Congress.

Remember Robert Wexler? All through 2008 he was a shill for Barack Obama on Israel, assuring American Jews that Barack Obama would be great for Israel (ask the Israelis how much esteem they have for Obama). Wexler made speeches, wrote columns-and endorsed Obama for President. He still supports Obama and tries to justify and rationalize everything Obama has done since he moved into the Oval Office.

Now he got his payoff from a wealthy J Street supporter. Wexler -- a real quality guy.