Mexico building fence to keep out...illegal aliens

Americans have been exposed to so much blatant hypocrisy from liberal Democrats and their fellow travelers around the world, especially those clowns at the United Nations, that we’ve almost lost our sense of outrage at the many examples of sanctimonious double-dealing that we’re expected to swallow unquestioningly. That being said, here’s another illustration of that flagrant pecksniffery (Bill O’Reilly’s going to love my actually using that word in a sentence) that’s being ignored by the liberal media and which just may trigger your gag reflex.

That’s right, Bubba, as Rob Nikolewski points out in his New Mexico Watchdog article, that wonderful exemplar of democratic principles, Mexican president, Felipe Calderon, who piously lectured Americans on their lack of same for supporting Arizona's attempt to protect itself from border incursions from his own lawless country, is quietly building a fence along a portion of Mexico's own southern border to protect his country from similar invasions and illegal activities from Central America.

And do you remember the boycott of the annual border governors’ conference, which was to be held in Arizona this summer, by several Mexican governors because they were protesting Arizona’s right to control its border?

When it comes to shameless hypocrisy, it appears the mendacious Mexicans could teach even the duplicitous Democrats a few things.