Islam(ophobia) - It Speaks for Itself

Help is on the way for President Obama,  courtesy of Malaysia.  Daniel Greenfield's article in the Canada Free Press explains much in five excerpted paragraphs. The only thing I can add is to suggest you read the entire piece.
"Prime Minister Haji Abdul Razak of Malaysia has offered to help Obama overcome "Islamophobia" by sending "experts in Islamic studies" to America in order to correct misconceptions about Islam. Malaysia's Deputy Education Minister, Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, stated,..."


Revathi Massosai, a Hindu whose parents had converted to Islam, was considered a Muslim under Malaysian law, despite the fact that she had been raised and was a Hindu. When she tried to get the government to recognize that fact, the Islamic authorities put her into an "Islamic Re-education Camp". There she was forced to wear a burqa, read Muslim prayers and eat beef. Since then she has been prevented from living with her husband and her daughter has no birth certificate. Nor is her case unique. Families have been broken up, children have been seized, even bodies have been dragged out of funeral homes because of Malaysia's Islamic law.

Under Malaysian law, only Muslims were permitted to use the word, "Allah". (This incidentally puts the lie to the common Muslim claim, that Allah is the universal word for God, rather than for the Muslim deity alone.) When in response to a Catholic lawsuit, the Malaysian court struck down the law, Malaysian Muslims responded in their usual tolerant fashion by firebombing churches. All of this without any protest from the same useful idiots, who go mad at the latest news from Gaza, and tramp down to Ground Zero in their Keffiyahs in support of Religious Freedom for the Ground Zero Mosque backed by a man with his own extensive ties to Malaysia.

But what will Malaysia's "experts in Islamic studies" tell us to defuse our horrible Islamophobia? Perhaps they will tell us how Malaysia broke up and criminalized the Sky Kingdom compound and charged with practicing a "deviant religion". Will they tell us whether Revathi Massosai has finally been allowed to see her daughter, and maybe explain to us how Islam's famous religious tolerance accords with forcing a Hindu woman to eat beef. And maybe fill us in on how, if there is "no compulsion in religion" under Islam, why do there have to be Islamic Reeducation Camps? Can we also discuss Malaysia's destruction of Hindu temples and how this differs from the behavior of the Taliban?


All this is particularly unwise, as Muslims have already declared a Jihad  against "space aliens". Sheikh Omar Bakri has declared that, "We are obliged as Muslims to make the whole galaxy subservient to almighty Allah". Say what you will about Muslims, you can't accuse them of thinking small. At least not when it comes to genocide. Forget conquering and enslaving the whole world, when there's a whole galaxy out there. And a chance to force ET to wear a Burqa.

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