Greenie nut takes Discovery Channel HQ hostage, killed by police

"Awakened" by Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth," an eco-nut named James Lee took hostages and held off police for much of the day, protesting the channel's failure to become a complete propaganda outlet for his anti-human, eco-nutty beliefs, that humans are a plague on the planet. Actually, people like Ted Turner say somewhat similar things about humans taking up resources that should better go to animals and forests, and the underlying philosophy he holds is widely shared on the eco-left.

Were this man a follower of Rush Limbaugh or any other conservative, the calls for censorship would be deafening.  I don't propose silencing Gore, but the apocalyptic (and fraudulent) vision he enunciated certainly has the potential to affect the vulnerable among us, driving them to believe that only extraordinary actions on their part can save the planet from the demise which surely awaits. Remeber the Unabomber?

In the end, when Lee appeared ready to use his gun on hostages, Police were able to shoot and kill him. That is unfortunate, because it would have been interesting to hear Lee defend himself by citing the greenie sources of his dementia. But thank goodness no innocent parties were harmed in what must have been a severe ordeal.

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