Graph of the Day for September 5, 2010

"Now, the month I took office, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month.  This morning, new figures show the economy produced 67,000 private sector jobs in August -- the eighth consecutive month of private job growth.  Additionally, the numbers for July were revised upward to 107,000.  Now, that's positive news, and it reflects the steps we've already taken to break the back of this recession."  President Obama, September 3, 2010.

AoSHQ and St. Louis Fed/FRED.

Hoven's Index for September 5, 2010

Non-farm jobs in December 2007 (peak):  137,951,000

In December 2009 (lowest point of recession):  129,588,000

In August 2010 (most recent):  130,311,000

Private sector jobs in Dec. 2007 (peak):  115,574,000

In Dec. 2009 (lowest point):  107,107,000

In August 2010:  107,870,000

Source:  St. Louis Fed/FRED, PAYEMS and USPRIV series.

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