Graph of the Day for September 1, 2010

"Britain and the rest of the European Union are ignoring a demographic time bomb: a recent rush into the EU by migrants, including millions of Muslims, will change the continent beyond recognition over the next two decades, and almost no policy-makers are talking about it."  Adrian Michaels, The Telegraph (UK), August 2009.

"Baby Boom Intifada: European Muslim Population Time Bomb.  A high birth rate among Muslim immigrants to Europe will make followers of the religion a majority of the population in many European Union countries in less than 40 years, according to demographers."  Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, Israel National News.

CIA World Factbook.

Hoven's Index for September 1, 2010

Selected US demographic statistics:

Median age:  36.8

65 years and older:  12.8%

Muslim:  0.6%

Urban:  80%

Same statistics, world average:

Median age:  28.4

65 years-old and older:  7.6%

Muslim:  21.01%

Urban:  50.5%

Source:  CIA World Factbook.

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