Genuflecting to the politically correct version of 9/11

As the ninth anniversary of the horrific September 11 terrorist attack approaches, one group in America is busy increasing security at its numerous religious and cultural institutions to not only prevent potential violence but to prevent the potential innocent victims from retaliating if they are provoked for some reason.

Eager to demonstrate their loyalty to this country, individual group members are planning highly visible, highly publicized one day only good deeds like visiting the sick while the group's leaders have enlisted the usual interfaith, intercultural, diversity, pluralism and multi culti organizations to spread the word about tolerance, loving neighbors, turning the other cheek so it too can be smashed.

All of this and more can be found in what can only be described as an early example of the politically correct propaganda from the supposedly neutral AP portraying American Muslims as the true victims of 9/11.

According to the AP's narrative, for some vaguely mentioned reason, American Muslims are deeply worried that on the somewhat arbitrary date of 9/11, Americans just might commit some acts of violence against perfectly innocent, loyal American Muslims for really no good reason, except that many Americans are intolerant; so intolerant that they can't countenance a mosque that will be constructed for interfaith relations, healing and outreach near a site of some long ago unpleasantness.

No mention is made that after 9/11 then President George W. Bush (R) proclaimed Islam "a religion of peace." The Fort Hood massacre where an Armed Forced Muslim psychiatrist gunned down his fellow Armed Forces colleagues, killing and injuring many? Ignored. Equally vaporized are other instances of American Muslim violence in America after 9/11 such as the attacks on synagogues in Chicago by an American Muslim and others around the country, the killing of a Jewish woman in a Jewish building by an American Muslim, the many instances of harassment and attacks against American Armed Forces personnel in the US by American Muslims.

According to this new Big Lie, politically corrective narrative, the real victims of the American Muslim attacks on Americans are Muslims. Expect to read and hear more of this new sensitivity to counteract the grossness of those who still insist on reminding the public of what happened on September 11, 2001 by displaying images of the burning World Trade Center, the destroyed side of the Pentagon, the isolated field in Pennsylvania or mentioning the 2000 people who died that tragic day who were not Muslim.