From Greek God to American Dog

How the mighty have fallen! And by his own hand--or mouth--no less.

Deviating from his prepared remarks while speaking in Milwaukee at a union only rally--tickets from union bosses needed for admittance; protestors in free America not tolerated--according to CNN, President Barack Obama (D) whined that he's treated like a dog.

Some powerful interests who had been dominating the agenda in Washington for a very long time and they're not always happy with me. They talk about me like a dog. That's not in my prepared remarks, but it's true,

And if you read the prepared remarks posted by the White House , this bit of doggie presidential distemper is strangely omitted. However the dutiful applause is dutifully recorded. This from a man who only two years ago stepped from a stage decorated with faux Greek temple columns--all that was missing were the robes and a halo from other religions--to accept the role of candidate for president of the US of A under the Democratic banner.

Uhm, Barack--and I can call you that, can't I?--I don't know how you treat your dog Bo but most people talk very nicely to their dogs. And take care of them and give them special treats. Considering how you've increased the deficit but want to spend $50 billion more, passed an unpopular and expensive health care bill that most people don't want and divided the country you should thank the American public for treating you so well.


Bookworm offers further thoughts on dogs:

Americans are nuts about their dogs.  Recessions or not, Americans spend about $45 billion annually on their pets.  Those pets include dogs, lots of dogs.  Dogs who get fed premium food, sleep on the owner's beds and couches, and frequently (whether the dog likes it or not) wear natty clothing.  Dogs are cuddled, pampered, played with and praised in American culture.  They are our companions and our helpmates.  We think well of them.

The Muslim world, however, does not like dogs.  To call someone a dog is an insult.  Dogs are unclean.  Periodically, sharia-mad nations enact laws banning dogs.  And, as Earl pointed out, even within our own country, Muslims periodically exhibit hostility to dogs.

Now, I'm not saying Obama is a Muslim.  I've repeatedly said that I believe he is not a Muslim.  I don't think he's a Christian either, even the kind of weird Christianity you find in Black Liberation Theology.  I don't believe Obama worships any God other than himself - and to the extent his religion of self has a distinct doctrine, it meshes harmoniously with Das Kapital.