Democrats and the 'KopechneTreatment' for marginal candidates

Over the weekend, the New York Times reported that desperate Democrats are analyzing the chances of their congressional candidates, to focus their resources on the few with the greatest likelihood of election, while callously abandoning the less fortunate prospective losers for dead. 

This strategy, made salient by the late Senator Kennedy's self-saving maneuver of many years ago, has been memorialized as the "Kopechne treatment" by James Taranto of the WSJ:

Among the representatives in line for the Mary Jo Kopechne treatment: Betsy Markey of Colorado, Tom Perriello of Virginia, Mary Jo Kilroy of Ohio, Frank Kratovil Jr. of Maryland, John Spratt of South Carolina and Earl Pomeroy of North Dakota.

The end justifies the means - the core ethics of the liberal mind.