With Fox News seated up front, how about some real questions?

According to the White House Correspondents Association, Fox News has now received the coveted front row seat in the James S. Brady Briefing Room. In essence, "moving to the front row ... changes [the] vantage point toward the podium and [Fox's] rotation in questioning [Fox will be called on earlier]" according to White Correspondent Major Garrett.

But since "position is everything" I hope that the following questions will be asked so we can see how the president conducts the briefings.

  • Mr. President, why do you persist in ignoring the documented security risk of jihadist infiltration through the Mexican border and instead turn the Arizona law into a rather transparent bid for future votes from illegal immigrants?
  • Mr. Obama, why do you mislead the American people with incomplete information when documented data and the impartial Congressional Budget Office keep telling you that America cannot maintain the unsustainable debt your administration is piling up?
  • Mr. President, what will the First Lady be discussing during her official visit to Spain as part of her vacation? Also, how much money for this vacation comes from the American taxpayer?
  • Mr. President, why do you feel more comfortable in the company of known dictators such as Hugo Chavez, Putin, and Ahmadinajab?
  • Mr. President, why does your party keep passing bills that have hidden costs and actions that only a few months ago you promised would never find their way into the legislation?  And to respond that your administration needs to tweak the bill rings hollow to the American people.
  • Mr. President, why do you continually favor the Palestinians with money, status, and publicity when their leaders refuse to acknowledge the State of Israel and when they actively publish hateful cartoons about America and Israel?
  • Mr. President, why do you choose not to listen to the 60+% of Americans who are hostile to your programs and are telling you that they do not approve of what you and Congress are doing? 
  • Mr. President, why do you continue to tout your health care reform when Great Britain and other European countries are scrapping the very ideas because they have learned that these programs do not guarantee better health but instead guarantee rationing and lesser quality of health care?
  • Mr. President, why do take such a variant view to the traditional view of American exceptionalism where "we are born free and no government can alter that fact" yet all your legislature will make Americans more and more dependent upon government?
I suspect that anyone who asks the above questions will soon get relegated to the back of the bus again but at least the questions can percolate for the American listener.



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