US To Gaza: A Charade that must be Stopped

Today, USTOGAZA, the organization that is planning to launch a Gaza-bound ship named The Audacity of Hope that is intended to "break the blockade of Gaza," is hosting a fundraising event in New York City. The organization is the brainchild of Obama's good friend, Palestinian Rashid Khalidi. Tickets to the fundraiser, a cruise around Manhattan featuring "middle eastern food...great people and inspiring music" are completely sold out.So who are all of these "great people" that the supporters of the peaceful democracy of Israel, rather than the hateful terrorists comprising Hamas, will miss out on partying with? According to the invitation, special guests include the following esteemed individuals who are heading up the mission to breach international law:Chris Hedges is the former New York Times reporter who accused IDF soldiers of using Palestinian civilians for target practice. In a YouTube video clip entitled "Assault on Gaza is Murder, Not...(Read Full Post)