Unemployment up makes it go down

How can the nation's unemployment rate drop? According to tax evader and now Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner, that's easy. Let it go up. Speaking on ABC's Good Morning America

it's possible the unemployment rate will go up for a couple of months before it comes down as more people enter the labor force.

"When they see a little hope that there may be jobs out there, they start to come back in again. And that can cause the measured unemployment rate to go up - temporarily,"

And just who are these "more people" who all of a sudden are now "enter(ing) the labor force"? They're the unemployed but aren't counted as such; they're, oh let's call them extremely early forced retirees, otherwise known as discouraged workers not actively seeking employment who therefore aren't officially counted as unemployed. But reanimated by Obama/Geithner hope, they once again show signs of life looking for work. And boom--they up the unemployment rate. But...but the first female House Speaker Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) a few weeks ago authoritatively proclaimed unemployment compensation stimulates the economy; apparently genuine paychecks don't.

George Orwell would be so proud.

And the man who wrote off his kids' camp tuition on his taxes thus lowering his taxes had this to say about businesses which want lower taxes.

Before businesses begin to use the estimated $1.8 trillion they have set aside, they want a commitment that their taxes will not increase over the next two years. Geithner did not make that promise, instead saying "the business community always wants their taxes lower."

"It's understandable. And you could say that's what their job is, to argue for lower taxes. But our job is, again, to make sure we have an economy that is stronger, that a private sector that's going to grow in the future...Our responsibility is looking out for that public interest," Geithner said.

No, that's not what a business' job is--a business' job is to make a profit which helps the "economy that is stronger" encouraging " a private sector that's going to grow." That's the public interest which businesses can look out for and a government employee cannot.