The Baehr Essentials

1. I have never cared much for Martin Indyk, one of the many people who are part of the Middle East peace processing industry,  and who have spent decades identifying unique opportunities to make peace, if only Israel would concede a bit more. Rick Richman destroys Indyk's latest   feeble attempt to suggest there is new reason for optimism.

George Will is on a roll, with five outstanding columns on the Israeli Palestinian conflict:  

2. Charles Krauthammer on how the mosque controversy, Arizona's new law, and a few other things,  have brought out the left's real feelings towards the rest of us (  the stupid, bigoted mass of Americans who do not follow the lead of the well educated elites  in the media and universities and the Obama administration).

Dennis Prager on the same theme:  

3.  Mitch Daniels is one of the most competent, successful, Governors in America. Here is the reality on what Obama Care will do to his state:  

And more health care reform  horrors ahead, as described by Reason Magazine.

Remember, health care is now the signature "achievement of the Administration . It is getting harder to argue that the stimulus did much, now that economic growth has dropped for two straight quarters , into the 1.6% range .   Another trillion of federal debt and for what? Unemployment  is 2%  higher today than when the stimulus passed a full 18  months ago,   and the GDP growth rate seems headed for a double dip. But wait, the "green jobs" will save us. 

4.  Mort Zuckerman calls the current administration , the most fiscally irresponsible in 
American history. Maybe Obama wants to run on two lines in 2012, the Democrats, and Millard Fillmore's Know Nothings. 

5. How politicized is everything in  this White House? The IRS is now delaying, and potentially denying applications for tax exemption by groups whose policies regarding the Middle East, do not agree with those of the Administration. Free speech means about as much with the Obama team as the right to vote without intimidation at the polling place.

6. "Get whitey day" at the Iowa state fair.   Things were tamer when the locals had mock a Minnesotan day decades back.

7. The Democrats nominated Joe Sestak to run for the U.S Senate in Pennsylvania . He was just endorsed by Chuck Hagel, a long time critic of Israel, and a man the National Jewish Democratic Council routinely condemned in the past. Hagel is now considered a possible candidate for Secretary of Defense if Secretary Gates moves on. The Republican Jewish Committee has more information on Sestak, who has quite a record of his own on Israel.

8. The lobby the media do not want to talk about is the Arab lobby.
Alan Dershowitz lifts the veil.

9. How bad will it be for the Democrats? Nate Silver, the brilliant political statistician , now says the GOP is likely to pick up 6 or 7 Senate, seats, and there is a 1 in 3  chance they will win 9 or more and get to 50.   If they get to 50, but not more, then Joe Lieberman or Ben Nelson can become a Republican.  As for the House, the Real Clear Politics survey now has the GOP ahead in 206 races, the Democrats in 194, and 35 too close to call. Only 143 of the 256 House seats held by the Democrats is considered safe at this point. 

10. More from the religion of peace: a Saudi couple
hammer 24 nails into their Sri Lankan maid:  

11. The approval rating for Obama among Jews has dropped to 58%. Jennifer Rubin asks what would it take to get that number below 50%? Trash Israel? Well, he tried that, and he is still at 58%. I think the answer is obvious- Obama need only announce that he is pro-life. 

12. The left's favorite place these days is... no, not Gaza, but  Venezuela.   Sean Penn and Oliver Stone may not want to spend too much time there, though,  if they value their lives.

14. Did Obama steal the nomination from Hillary Clinton in 2008 through vote fraud?