The Aristocrat Party

Even the generally clueless Boston Globe is catching on. Our "people's party" is headed by rich aristocrats with lavish, ostentatious tastes:

Democrat John Kerry sets sail in a $7 million yacht built in New Zealan d. Republican Scott Brown hits the campaign trail in a GMC pickup truck with 200,000 miles on it.

From Newport, R.I., - where Kerry's "Isabel'' was berthed before heading to Nantucket - to Rhinebeck, N.Y. - where Chelsea Clinton will marry in a mansion modeled after Versailles - today's Democrats are looking more like Louis XVI than Tip O'Neill.

Kick in the First Family's vacation plans for Martha's Vineyard, and there's a real air of Marie Antoinette & Co. retreating to idyllic gardens, while Fox News whips up revolutionary flames. The ethics charges against Representative Charles Rangel of New York are added foie gras.

Clarice Feldman