Saved from Islamophobia

A shout out to Imam Rauf for his shining example of a moderate Muslim. 

Thank you, Imam Rauf, for shaking me out of my Islamophobia.  Thank you for being a shining example of a moderate Muslim.  To safeguard against the danger of backsliding, I will hang this list on my fridge, reminding me daily what you, a moderate Muslim, and others like you believe. 

Moderate Muslims:

-        Believe that good hygiene is important and remind us to wash our hands . . . after all, we Americans have been walking around with the blood of 500,000 Iraqi children on our hands.

  • Believe that it is important not to exclude any groups from their religion . . . therefore, Hezb'allah, Hamas, and the Islamic Resistance Movement are all considered legitimate "religious movements" within Islam.
  • Believe, as supported studies show, that terrorists like al-Qaeda target only "political objectives" . . . codeword for "Western-influenced infidels" or anyone else on the planet who does not agree with or abide by Islamic ideology.
  • Believe that good reflexes are important . . . therefore, as long as the West keeps "provoking," the jihadists have a right to continue to react defensively.
  • Believe in giving proper credit were credit is due . . . therefore, moderate Muslims remind us that Osama bin Laden was made in the USA.
  • Believe in Israel's right to exist . . . as a one-state country. (Please note: Any tendency to believe a Muslim, who supports Hezbollah and Hamas, is implying that Israel will one day be a one-state Muslim country is counter-productive to the image of a moderate Muslim.)
  • Believe in funding aid boats to Israel . . . and then enjoy the world-wide attention for the Free Gaza Movement after passengers on boats readily greet IDF soldiers with weapons.
  • Believe in separation of church and state . . . or conquering the state, since the only law that Muslims need exists already in the Koran and the Hadith. Separation shall promptly cease, though, when one goes on a good-will tour funded by the U.S. State Department or when rebuilding mosques overseas with US tax dollars. At that point, the church and state become joined at the hip.