Sarah Palin, wordsmith

The Left will never admit it, but Sarah Palin has genuine literary gifts. As poets and advertising copywriters know, finding exactly the right word that will encapsulate a concept and stick it in the mind requires a certain genius. Yet Sarah, the author of the phrase "death panels", consistently comes up with original phrasing that memorably pinpoints ideas.

The latest example comes from her Twitter post yesterday:

Who hijacked term:"feminist"?A cackle of rads who want 2 crucify other women w/whom they disagree on a singular issue; it's ironic (& passé)

"A cackle of rads" is sheer genius.

The cackle, though they would deny it, gives evidence of the grasping power of Sarah's command of the mother tongue. Witness the somewhat grotesque video produced by pro-abortion PAC Emily's List, seeking to grab control of the trademark (and very effective) Sarah Palin expression "Mama Grizzlies."

Hat tip: Blondie
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