Remaking 'True Grit' with the left eye exposed


The Coen Brothers version of the 1969 John Wayne classic ‘True Grit' (for which The Duke won the Oscar, back when it meant something) is set to open nationwide on Christmas Day. If the earth should move and shake it may well be The Duke rolling in his grave.

The role of Rooster Cogburn will star ‘Crazy Heart' star Jeff Bridges, who also played the title role of another American icon in ‘Wild Bill.' Other members of the cast include fellow travelers Matt Damon and Josh Brolin as well as newcomer Hailee Steinfield in the role of Mattie Ross.

In a February 2010 pre-Oscar interview social activist Jeff Bridges said "Barack Obama is my champion; I am rooting for him - he said we can eradicate childhood hunger by 2015." Of course Bridges good work in the fight against childhood hunger should be commended, do you suppose BHO is still his champion after signing legislation that will cut food stamps to help bail out the Teachers' Union? Is Jeff aware that FLOTUS says childhood obesity is the biggest problem facing America's youth?

One of the interesting decisions that was made during the filming of ‘True Grit' was the placement of Rooster Cogburn's famous eye patch. In the original film John Wayne wore the eye patch over his left eye which allowed him to view the world through his right eye as the Duke was inclined to do. According to HitFlix, in the remake Bridges covers his right eye leaving his left eye fully exposed, as a subtle reminder of where his ‘Crazy Heart' resides.

Fellow cast members Matt Damon (Texas ranger LeBeuf) and Josh Brolin are well known for their leftist views and previously worked together in the film version of Howard Zinn's ‘A People's History of the United States.' Do you suppose Matt and Josh are aware that the FBI recently released files which show that their Comrade Historian was a member of the Communist Party? Come to think of it the FBI files might just reinforce their leftist love for a fellow traveler.

Gregory Ellwood at HitFlix referred to the Coen Brothers' ‘True Grit' as a "Best Picture contender" and has placed it on his "Must-see list." If this film should achieve the level of success that many are predicting it will, it could open the door to other revisionist remakes. Imagine if you will Matt Damon starring in ‘Sergeant York', Sean Penn and George Clooney in ‘Big Jim McLain' or Jose Brolin playing George Gipp in ‘Knute Rockne All American.'