Prizes for Life Advocates - A Welcome Cultural Development

Sadly, the left dominates the awarding of most of the major prizes and honors in the United States and the world. Hence, Al Gore and Barack Obama receive Nobel Prizes, Gore receives an OscarTM and a GrammyTM, and the Pulitzer Prizes normally are awarded to journalists with a progressive agenda.

Such prizes play an important role in setting and maintaining a social and political agenda that is at variance with that of the conservative plurality of Americans. Ever since Antonio Gramsci outlined his strategy for communist revolution via a cultural takeover, a "long march through the institutions" has taken place, handing over control of the media, foundations, higher and lower education, and prize-conferring organizations to the left.

Thus it is encouraging to learn today that the Life Prizes are to be awarded again this year, for the second time, by the Gerard Health Foundation:

Up to $600,000 will be awarded to individuals or organizations that have worked to save human lives and will be honored for their life saving principles and practices at an invitation-only ceremony in January hosted by the Gerard Health Foundation as part of their second Life Prizes program.

The inaugural awards and ceremony in 2009 were unprecedented in size and magnificence. More than 1,200 VIPs, students and pro-life activists gathered to honor the winners. Celebrity participation included Master of Ceremonies Laura Ingraham and popular Christian rock band BarlowGirl.

Again in Nobel Prize-like fashion, the 2009 - 2010 "Norinne A. and Raymond E. Ruddy Memorial Life Prizes" awards will formally recognize winners at a spectacular ceremony and reception to be held in Washington DC on January 22, 2011.

The 2009 - 2010 winners will be selected based upon their success in saving human lives through efforts including public advocacy, scientific research, outreach programs, public disclosure activities, legal action, and other worthy achievements as determined by a qualified selection committee that shares the values and principles of the Foundation.

I wish the Gerard Health Foundation, and all nominees and prize winners the best in their very important efforts to turn around the culture of death that prevails so widely in America. This is an important effort.