Poll: Iraqis miss Bush strategy

Not that I needed more proof, but a new poll reveals that white left-wingers don't speak for Arabs.  From Baghdad (AFP):

A majority of Iraqis believe it was the wrong time for a major withdrawal of US combat troops, a poll said on Tuesday, with more than half also warning that it would have negative consequences.

When asked if it was the right time for American soldiers to leave -- the US military earlier confirmed troop numbers in Iraq had fallen under 50,000 for the first time -- 59.8 percent said no, compared to 39.5 percent who said yes.

Notable too is the fact that Obama (the left's messiah) isn't a unifying god:

Some 53.1 percent of respondents said they disagreed with President Barack Obama's decision last year to end the combat mission in Iraq on August 31, a move that triggered a major reduction in the US military presence here.

The information is extremely difficult for Hollywood to process.

(Side note: The poll carried out by the Asharq Research Centre, a private Iraqi company, was a representative nationwide sample of 1,150 people aged 18 and above in the country's 18 provinces between August 15-23.)