Palestinian Corruption and 'Humanitarian Aid'

The following clip from Caroline Glick describes the millions of dollars sent to the corrupt Palestinian Authority. 
Why isn't this aid being sent to countries where the people truly need assistance? Our elected representatives need to justify their actions for this state of affairs.

For more than a quarter of a century, the United Nations has "extended fake mercy to Palestinians at the expense of Jews" and the world at large. The persistence of so-called refugee camps testifies to the world's failure to integrate people and make their lives meaningful.  Thus, the end result has been a creation of vast slums and terrorist training camps where hatred consumes generations of human beings. 

In 2009 Joel Mowbray wrote that the "State Department still cannot ensure that U.S. taxpayer dollars are not subsidizing terrorists or underwriting terrorist propaganda in schools across the West Bank and Gaza.  Comforting, isn't it?

In fact, President Obama recently sat for a White House photo-op with the Palestinian Authority's leader and then announced a $400 million aid package for the West Bank and Gaza.  The editorial staff of Investors Business Daily wondered why "the U.S. should be supporting a regime that so far this year has fired 370 lethal rockets into Israel, that still refuses to recognize Israel's right to exist and that has made a cottage industry of teaching children to hate." 

And most recently the PLO was handed a gift when the Palestinian Authority/Palestinian Liberation Organization Mission was upgraded from "bureau" to that of "general delegation" making the PLO's status in the United States equivalent to its status in Canada and many western European countries.

Why do our leaders continue to fund terrorists?  Why do we continue to stay silent about this perversion?

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