Obama doesn't trust you

President Obama penchant taking a bad situation and making it worse was on full display again during the "clarification" of remarks he made on Friday.  It seems that Obama wasn't really commenting on the mosque, but religious freedom. 

Obama relies on the same false premise used by other liberals for castigating opponents of the mosque's construction.  The snide liberal activist behave as if opponents to the mosque were sheet wearing Klan members asking their politicians to outlaw the Muslim faith. 

If religious freedom were truly at stake, where were these commentators when the Carlinville Southern Baptist Church was denied the right to convert a property into a church because the city lost too much tax revenue? (The Church eventually won that battle)  How about when a historic black church in Staten Island NY was denied the ability to build apartments for seniors?  Then there is the story of a Church being denied zoning so that it could open a Christian bookstore in Scranton PA.  Where were the free thinkers agitating for religious freedom during these obvious crisis of our founding ideals? (My tongue is firmly planted in my cheek for this question)

The answer is nowhere, because religious freedom and tolerance isn't the question in the debate over the ground zero mosque.  Google "Church zoning board" and you will find that conflicts between churches and zoning boards happen all the time, yet none to date have required presidential comment.  That is because, like the
charge of racism, the implicit underlying theme in liberal commentary that opposition is based on religious intolerance is flatly untrue.

The assumption that conservatives or opponents are bigots is part of the problem that Obama faces with the American public.  President Obama just can't shake his ingrained ideological prejudices against the everyday American. That ideology is on display in Obama comments concerning officer
James Crowley, to his comments on people that cling to their religion and guns.   This makes Obama's response even more vexing for the self professed community organizer proudly looking to defend a perceived victim. 

What of the nearly 3,000 victims that died on September 11, 2001? The only conclusion I can come to is that the President feels the need to remind us of our history of religious tolerance because he doesn't trust us.  Looking at the current economic conditions and poll numbers, the feeling is mutual.