Obama disappointing key constituencies

An ancient Chinese saying be careful what you wish for, you just might get it came to mind upon reading that the demographics which worked for, voted for President Barack Obama (D) in the highest numbers are suffering the most under his reign.

Understandably proud and excited about a fellow African-American as president, blacks gave Obama over 95% of their vote. And their situation/reward now? Deborah Creighton Skinner of Black Enterprise reveals that

The unemployment rate for African Americans edged slightly higher in July to 15.6%, from 15.4% in June, while the overall jobless rate remained unchanged at 9.5%.

The relatively youthful Obama, especially in contrast with his over 70 opponent, captured the youth vote. And their situation/reward now?

In the United States, youth unemployment rose by eight percentage points to 18 percent over the period.

This follows a pattern of record high youth unemployment around the world, leading to what the International Labor Organization calls a "lost generation" which many fear will turn their hopelessness into destructive rage.

"Young people are the drivers of economic development," said ILO Director General Juan Somavia.

"Foregoing this potential is an economic waste and can undermine social stability," he added in a statement.

"Undermining social stability" is code for riots--and worse.

Hispanics also gave their vote to Obama. Thus the Los Angeles Times headline, "Hispanics' unemployment rate soars."

Unemployment among Hispanics in the U.S. has soared since the recession hit because those workers are disproportionately employed in industries and regions hardest hit by the downturn, according to a congressional report released

Yep, that's why Hispanics aren't Republicans Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada).

Trying to blame all these sad statistics on President George W. Bush (R) just isn't going to work any more.

Ain't change you can believe in grand?

hat tip: Powerline