Ninth Circuit Follies

Leave it to the 9th Circuit Court to say that government keeping track of citizen's movements without a warrant is OK.

If one doesn't have an expectation of privacy in a vehicle, why do authorities need a warrant in order to search a vehicle when no law (traffic, DUI, felony) was broken or crime committed? Granted, this is the most reversed court in the nation but since when doesn't a citizen have an expectation of the right of privacy and protection from unreasonable search? Bet this court wouldn't be OK with tracking an under aged girl on her way to have an abortion without her parent's consent? Heaven forbid! How about that same under aged girl or boy going to get a piercing or a tattoo? Well now, that's a different story. 

Of course no government agency would ever think of keeping track of political opponents or lobbyists or staffers of political opponents; no that only happens in the movies or on 24. Talk about shredding the Constitution! The only surprising thing about the ruling is that it didn't specify that this power to track/spy on citizens only applied to Democrat Administrations.
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