'Mr. President, we need your help'

This supplication introduced the full-page ad that the Northeast Seafood Coalition ran on 8/24 in the Martha's Vineyard Gazette.

The ad is in the form of a letter from Russell Sherman, the Captain of the fishing vessel Lady Jane out of Gloucester, MA.  The letter is elegant in its simplicity and comprehensive in its content.  Mr. Sherman sets forth the fishermen's desire to work with the government in rebuilding fishing stocks without destroying the industry in the process.  He also sets forth the severe economic constraints imposed by the catch shares system of fishing allocations and the frustrations felt by the fishermen when repeatedly ignored by the Department of Commerce.

By the way, I don't think the avuncular Mr. Sherman named his vessel after Dr. Jane Lubchenco, administrator of NOAA.

The fishermen also plan a demonstration in the waters off Martha's Vineyard on 8/25, but its been blowing up a gale, not good weather for small boats. 

Mr. President, do you feel like that Al Capp character, Joe Btfsplk , who wandered around under a perpetual rain cloud?  It's a shame, Martha's Vineyard in the rain is not the ideal place for a much-needed vacation, but we do thank you for ending our drought

(Hat Tip: Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr).

Mike Johnson is a concerned citizen, a small government conservative, and a live-free-or-die resident of New Hampshire.  E-mail mnosnhoj@comcast.net