Michael Bloomberg's Deadly Multiculturalism

Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York City who backs the Ground Zero mosque, is a perfect multiculturalist.  As such he sees blindness to cultural diversity as a virtue.  And so, to prove himself meritorious, he jettisoned all discretion and hosted an Islamic holiday celebration with the mosque's backers.  This is extremely dangerous.  We need politicians who take diversity seriously.

In their blanket attempts to get us to "celebrate diversity" multiculturalists refuse to acknowledge that cultures can have bad sides.  This position commits them to being blind to the possibility of conflict between cultures.  In a very Age-of-Aquarius hippy way, they say if we all just celebrate each other, no conflict, values-based or actual, need exist on the planet. 

According to multiculturalist philosophy, if Bloomberg acknowledged any negative cultural characteristics, he'd have to call himself "racist" or "intolerant." In the real world, diversity includes disgusting behaviors that we cannot tolerate, let alone celebrate.  Does Bloomberg celebrate the strict dress codes and theocratic despotism in Islamic nations?  To wiggle out of this conundrum he has to claim that such practices, like Jihad and Sharia, are just perversions of the true, peaceful, and liberal Islam. 

Multiculturalists must constantly whitewash diversity to show they are not racist.  In fact, multiculturalism reflects a proper level of American sensitivity over denying the civil rights of black Americans.  But, race and culture are different.  And avoiding discussing culture frankly in order to avoid being called a racist blinds you to potentially lethal considerations.  Fighting Islam is not racist, it is culturist.

Bloomberg's multicultural blindness turns deadly when he feels a need to prove he makes no distinctions among any cultures   In his ultimate act of multiculturalism he actually celebrated Islam with people publicly sworn to replacing our Constitution with oppressive Sharia law.  As such, Bloomberg and his multiculturalist friends are promoting violence against the West. This is not only treasonous, it is deadly.  The Ground Zero mosque will inspire jihadis all over the world.  When the first terror attack comes at the hands of a visitor to the mosque, Bloomberg and multiculturalism will have blood on their hands. 

The Constitution does not provide Saudi's and other foreign Islamic states the right to build triumphal monuments to the advance of Islam and Sharia in America.  We need culturist leaders that show the Muslim world that we know about their aggression and will protect liberal western values.  Our safety and rights depend on replacing multicultural politicians like Bloomberg with culturists.

John Press, Ph.D. is the President of The Brooklyn Tea Party and publishes the website www.culturism.us; Protest against the 9/11 mosque produced by John Press:    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xKn1tfcimU