Ground Zero hypocrites

It's the only conclusion an intelligent, well-adjusted graduate of any collegiate journalism/media program can possibly draw from the facts extant. The small, unassuming, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, a fixture in Lower Manhattan for 100 years was one of the lesser-noted casualties of the 9/11 terrorist attack. Attempts to resurrect and rebuild this historic place of worship have been stymied for years now by those narrow-minded, bigoted, public service union thugs at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, who most obviously are stubbornly clinging to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them.

Oh the shame, the unbearable shame, America, that a bunch of merely uninformed rubes like those in Manhattan could subject the rest of the nation to this sort of outrageous trampling of the constitutional rights of the Greek Orthodox Church to build, nay rebuild, an edifice of worship in the lower reaches of this benighted borough. It has been reported by as yet undetermined members of our select group that upwards of 70% of the mindless masses of Manhattan are staunchly, and needless to say, ignorantly, opposed to the resurrection of this pillar of religious freedom. That such a hateful fringe of voters could stand in the way of the basic tenets of our Constitution is unthinkable.

We the enlightened, we the scribes, spiritual attendants at the temple of truth, can only shake our heads in abject shame and wonder that we must share the same real estate as these unlettered, uninformed, and yes, most probably unwashed, malcontents who would shutter the flame of religious freedom that we have so long and so devotedly upheld in our unwavering support of evangelical America and the Catholic Church. Here we, the true guardians of religious freedom in America, have devoted so much ink, air time and heartfelt effort to correct this injustice against this tiny church and, alas, all has come to naught.

Oh the shame, the unbearable shame...

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