Graph of the Day for August 20, 2010

"Afghanistan was dubbed ‘Obama's War' last night after it was revealed that as many American soldiers have died in the conflict during his presidency as during George Bush's entire time in office."  Daily Mail, August 18, 2010.

"For liberals, Afghanistan was always the ‘good war.' Until, quite suddenly, it wasn't.  While the Bush administration was bogged down in Iraq, liberals inside and outside of Congress argued that Afghanistan was being underresourced and ignored. Until, quite suddenly, it was a quagmire, the mission unwinnable, the land ungovernable."  Joshua Gross, Politico, August 17, 2010.

US Troops and Fatalities in Afghanistan

Source:  The Brookings Afghanistan Index.

Hoven's Index for August 20, 2010

Total US military fatalities in Afghanistan through July 3, 2010:  1,142

Males:  1,122

Whites:  909

Hispanic or Latino:  89

Black or African-American: 86

Source:  The Brookings Afghanistan Index.

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