Graph of the Day for August 16, 2010

"Across America, communities are uniting to protect the places they love, and developing new approaches to saving and enjoying the outdoors. They are bringing together farmers and ranchers, land trusts, recreation and conservation groups, sportsmen, community park groups, governments and industry, and people from all over the country to develop new partnerships and innovative programs to protect and restore our outdoors legacy. However, these efforts are often scattered and sometimes insufficient. The Federal Government, the Nation's largest land manager, has a responsibility to engage with these partners to help develop a conservation agenda worthy of the 21st Century.President Obama, Presidential Memorandum, April 16, 2010.  (You can submit ideas or comments here.)

Source:  Big Think.  HT:  HotAir.

Hoven's Index for August 16, 2010

Percentage of total US acreage owned by the federal government:  28.76%

Uses of federally owned land, by percentage:

Forest and wildlife:  30.42%

Grazing:  22.20%

Parks and Historic sites:  15.50%

Military:  2.16%

Flood control and navigation:  1.27%

Vacant:  0.78%

All other:  27.67%

Source:  GSA, Federal Real Property Profile, 2004.

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