Cindy Sheehan back for another 15 minutes

Cindy Sheehan, who tragically lost her son in Iraq, twisted her very understandable grief into a bizarre anti President George W. Bush (R) campaign. Bush is not president now but Barack Obama (D) is. And she is not happy with his decisions regarding Iraq and Afghanistan, informing him--and the country--about her feelings in her usual uhm, flamboyant fashion.

Offended by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs' criticisms of the "professional left's" consistent put downs of Obama and suggesting they take a drug test, Sheehan gallantly offered

"I will put my urine up against Gibbs' any day, and in fact, will travel to Washington to give him a fresh and warm sample. I actually think supporters of Obama should be tested for 'Hopium' in their urine, myself," she continues. "Since Gibbs is a liar and a jerk, I will challenge him to a pee-off."

She rationalized her competitive spirit

"I have remained consistent and ideologically pure in my activism and am highly offended that would want to use such divisive language. Is he trying to distract us from his boss's dismal performance on just about every issue he has faced, not to mention the environmental catastrophe in the Gulf?" Ms. Sheehan demands. "I have no drugs in my system and nothing to be ashamed of. It's Gibbs and the Obama regime that should be ashamed."

Somehow I don't believe Gibbs and/or Obama will lower themselves to the challenge. Thankfully.