As economy worsens and unemployment climbs, Obama takes vacation

Opening Yahoo!'s homepage today I glanced over the news headlines. The headline that got my attention reads, "Oil spill plugged and Iraq combat over, Obama takes break."

What a shameful attempt at covering for the liberal messiah who is taking his sixth vacation since becoming president. This time it's off to Martha's Vineyard for 10 days. Finally the overworked president can relax!

I wonder how the headlines would read if a conservative president was heading off to another luxurious vacation as financial uncertainties exist and unemployment ebbs upward. Iraq combat never stopped Obama from playing golf most Sundays and vacationing, so why is non-combat significant now? The last time I checked, the U.S. is engaged in full-on combat in Afghanistan. And inasmuch as Obama delegated the oil disaster to BP, what's the relevance there? Did BP need Obama to be off the golf course or the elitist playground in order to plug the hole?

"As the economy worsens and unemployment climbs, Bush takes 6th vacation," is more consistent a headline the "mainstream" media would dish out for a conservative or even a moderate like President Bush.

The media have immeasurable power when it comes to influencing public opinion. They can make the most inexperienced, derelict, out-of-touch, anti-Americans look good while setting up conservative Americans as objects of derision, ridicule and scorn.

What we have is a systemic problem and we didn't need the revelations from Journo-list to realize that the elitists who control education and media think alike. I include education because it's the groupthink indoctrination camps of higher education that produce good liberals, and teach them how to think -- or rather, what to think. From there, the elitists in the media inform liberals everywhere of the storyline on every pertinent issue.

The elitists of "mainstream" media certainly know that average Americans, informed by sound bites, are influenced by groupthink peer pressure. Everyone wants to feel intelligent and it's so easy to garner approval: just agree with the narrative on any given political issue.

But alas, conservatives must live by another set of rules since they are in opposition to the ideology and policies the leftist elitists find so brilliant. Electing more Republicans will not solve the systemic problem. Conservatives must realize that the entire system must change.

A sports team that recruits the very best players will never prevail if the team must be handicapped by the rules set by the opposing team. Biased referees have the power to foul conservative players right out of the game while no flags are thrown on the most despicable liberals. The conservative players must press onward in the face of the booing and jeering crowd stirred up by the liberal elitists who control the public opinion game.

Liberals must know that if the playing field is ever leveled, conservatism will crush liberalism in America in an instant.