Are We Being Served

Americans have been catalyzed to review and take measure of their liberty and freedoms. Somewhere along the past two hundred thirty four year journey with American national government “we the people” have been gerrymandered to casual observers on the sidelines.

Obama blessed federal spending has been maniacally political and publicly disobedient. Taxpaying Americans are tired of being bullied to the back of the line by a representative government. Obama’s experimentation with government has brought forth a Frankenstein. This out of control governmental behavior is about to meet a wall of resistance never before encountered. A voter uprising is coming and soon. Americans have realized that they have to take hold of the reins of this run away horse.

The first “People’s War” was The American Revolution. Americans then united behind the idea that they would not submit to taxation without representation. Obamacare is nothing more than a twenty first century Stamp or Tea Act created by ruling elite. Taxpayers under this current Congress have been conquered. Individual states are already passing legislation in their effort to boycott federally mandated healthcare laws. Similar to earlier Americans’ objections the legislation of the 111th Congress should be referred to as the "“Intolerable Acts”."

The current Tea Party has helped establish backbone in Americans quest to re-express their legitimacy in representational government with victory this November.