'A Piece of Red Cloth'

Behold the touch of tyranny (see hyperlink and scroll down below the video link):

As you read this song/poem, reflect upon who and what it makes you think of in recent times.  As the lyric poetically illustrates, tyranny is insidious. It does not arrive with a punch in the face. It is delivered with a kiss and received with acquiescence.

In truth, it was penned by a Chinese man named Cui-Jian who wrote this song in 1987 in China. It is about the Communist Party. He performed it in Tiananmen Square two weeks before the crackdowns. 

A friend of mine, who is a naturalized American citizen and former immigrant from China, brought it to my attention after many discussions about freedom, tyranny, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the origin of American liberty and the murderous history of Marxism. He lived very near to Tiananmen Square during the crackdowns and he told me that every Chinese person 50 or younger today knows this song. Today, in my opinion, every American should know it, too; not just as a cleverly worded protest by those who lived under tyranny; but, as a warning to those who enjoy liberty and how they might lose it.