A Great Candidate Running for Congress in North Carolina

There are some good candidates running for office. And then there are some great ones. I think Ilario Pantano may prove to be one of the great ones.

Mr. Pantano is a conservative candidate running for Congress in the 7th District in North Carolina against Democrat Mike McIntyre. http://pantanoforcongress.netboots.net/

When you look at Mr. Pantano's background, hear him speak, and read his position statements, it is clear that this man has significant leadership skills and a clear vision for the right course for America.

Mr. Pantano, a husband and father of two, is a former marine who took the oath to defend our country in battle not once, but three times (re-enlisting after 9/11), rising through the ranks to become a 2nd Lieutenant. Deployed to the "Triangle of Death" region in Iraq, he fought in Latafiyah, Yusufiyah and Falluja.

In addition to his military service, he has also worked in the private sector -- first in the financial industry and later running his own business.  Most recently, he wrote a best-selling memoir titled Warlord: No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy.

Meanwhile, in between these activities, he has also managed to find the time and energy to return to school to pursue a master's degree.

He is a man who takes initiative and makes things happen. He serves his community by volunteering, whether with the Red Cross assisting victims of Hurricane Katrina, producing a documentary film to benefit a charity, or serving as a deputy Sheriff.

Pantano also researches and writes on intelligence topics. And he is working on a second book.

He is conservative, smart, articulate, and inspiring. He's got strong position statements on a broad range of important issues, including national security (an area where many candidates are weak). On that topic, he addresses energy independence, immigration, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation. He is well versed on the challenges we face with Iran, China, North Korea, Russia, Latin America, and Cuba. He grasps the threats before us on many fronts.

Here's an excerpt from his campaign web site on national security and China:

  • Daily cyber attacks and probes of US infrastructure have a malicious intent. Attacks on U.S. satellites, networks and military confrontations are under-reported by media outlets afraid of jeopardizing corporate interests (GE/NBC/MSNBC). Espionage and theft of trade secrets results in the loss of billions of dollars in trade secrets and technologies, but fear of being locked out of the world's biggest growth economy causes US businesses to accept their losses and continue to be cannibalized by their Chinese partners.
  • Beyond the headlines about debt or the cheap goods that line store shelves, there is a darker aspect to China's rise. Competition for scarce resources is putting US and China at odds over Iran, Africa (Darfur) and North Korean Nuclear weapons proliferation. At the same time, China is working hard to rid South East Asia of American influence in order to dominate the region and deny the US access to many key global markets
  • While America has been focused on fighting terror, China has engaged in rapid military expansion and military cooperation agreements with the countries of Latin America. From spy stations on Cuba, to oil deals with Venezuela and Brazil, in the last ten years China has begun using its cash reserves to assert influence in our backyard.

When Pantano speaks, he doesn't mince words. He tells it like it is. He speaks with authority and passion.

Living a life of service to others, Ilario Pantano is a 38-year-old dynamo who has got it all. He has proven himself on several fronts - on the battlefield, in business, in education, in writing, in communicating with the man on the street, and in formulating a vision for America that is right on target.

We need this man in Congress.

I urge all AT readers to check out his campaign web site. Read his about his ideas and watch his videos. I think this man is worth our support, whether you live in his district or not.

He's already won the primary, but victory in the general election is far from secure. The Democrats have been in power in this district for over 100 years. But polls now show Pantano has a 50% chance of winning. I hope AT readers will join me in support of Ilario Pantano.

Mr. Pantano will be speaking at the rally in NYC at Ground Zero on September 11th. For those AT readers who are planning to attend, you will have a special treat to hear Ilario Pantano speak in person.