Why isn't the media covering the paramilitary aspect of the Black Panther case?

Why, in all the media coverage of the Black Panther voting intimidation case, is no one, and I mean absolutely no one, even in the conservative media, addressing the paramilitary aspect of this issue, where jackbooted, black thugs wearing leather jackets and badge-adorned, black berets, obviously intend to communicate through their uniform appearances a menacing solidarity of purpose? Does not the wearing of those uniforms imply the ominous and looming presence of a more widespread and more frightening paramilitary organization to the voters of that precinct?

And there is little doubt, upon viewing the video coverage of the incident that intimidation and the very real threat of violence was their purpose in being at that voting site bearing clubs as weapons. While I deplore the contemporary overuse and misuse of Nazi comparisons, there is no way that an historically knowledgeable, objective observer could fail to see the similarities between these thugs and the infamous Nazi Brown Shirts, whose very purpose for existing was this type of brute intimidation of the citizenry.

Our contemporary media is a sick, slacking joke, a very sorry excuse for the watchdogs they are supposed to be. These lame, groveling, media mongrels, unwilling to compete and to fight for truth, may someday meet a fed-up American society.