Unemployment rises in Obama's home state

Tuesday former Illinois state senator, former Illinois senator and now president of the entire United States, Barack Hussein Obama (D), proudly announced that although driving the country deeper into debt, federal unemployment insurance has been extended to nearly two years. The next day this news was offset in Illinois by the headline, "June unemployment rate rises in Illinois, falls in 39 other states."


But residents in the 39 other states weren't celebrating either because

The unemployment rate fell in most states in June, mainly because more people gave up searching for work and were no longer counted.


O-o-oh! I get it; if you're no longer looking for work, you're no longer unemployed. You're...what? Invisible? Suffering because of President George W. Bush (R)? Living on the restricted income of unemployment for two years until 2012, totally dependent on government largesse so you vote for Obama again instead of those mean, heartless Republicans? Participating in Obama's grand scheme of "shared sacrifice" through income redistribution?

Is that why Obama is systematically destroying jobs while saving them as his scheme to close auto dealerships, throwing thousands out of work, all in the name of efficiency? Read what the government's own auditors discovered "Factors Affecting the Decisions of General Motors and Chrysler to Reduce Their Dealership Networks."

Although there is some controversy over how many jobs will be lost per terminated dealership, it is clear that tens of thousands of dealership jobs were immediately put in jeopardy as a result of the termination by GM and Chrysler. Finally, the acceleration of dealership closings was not done with any explicit cost savings to the manufacturers in mind.

Further, the government's own team declared under Lessons Learned on page 2

Treasury should have taken special care given that the Auto Teams' determination had the potential to contribute to job losses,

But Treasury didn't, demanding the closure of dealerships. Thus, it wasn't the heartless companies that terminated dealerships with the subsequent loss of jobs but the heartless--and incompetent--government Treasury officials, secure in their practically unfirable jobs, (hey there Treasury Secretary Geithner, have you paid all your taxes this year?) who don't understand the complexity of private business.

In a sidebar on page 2

Treasury stated that it strongly disagrees with many of the statements, conclusions and lessons learned of the report, and may respond more fully at a later date.

Well yeah, they would.

Some good news in the June (un)employment rates though; while most states were losing jobs some were actually gaining them.

New Hampshire reported the largest drop in unemployment, to 5.9 percent from 6.4 percent. That was due in part to a net gain of 1,900 jobs.

The state added jobs in manufacturing, education and health services, and professional and business services, which includes temporary jobs.

Texas, Kentucky, Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina reported the largest job gains last month.

Texas added 14,000 jobs, with big gains in manufacturing, construction and professional and business services. Kentucky gained 6,200 jobs, mostly in manufacturing, construction and education and health services.

North Dakota continued to post the lowest unemployment rate, with 3.6 percent. It was followed by South Dakota at 4.5 percent and Nebraska at 4.8 percent.


Will the no longer seeking employment move to these states? Or will they patriotically remain where they are, cashing in their unemployment checks to, in the words of the first ever female Speaker of the House, Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), create jobs because they are

[O]ne of the biggest stimuluses to our economy. Economists will tell you this money is spent quickly. It injects demand into the economy, and is job creating. It creates jobs faster than almost any other inititative that you can name," It creates jobs faster than almost any other inititative that you can name...

Remember, shared sacrifice stimulates the economy so maybe the unfunded unemployment insurance will be extended again next year to expire after the November, 2012 elections.

Meanwhile, the national debt for our great-great grandchildren grows.