Time to choose

At the most basic level politics today consists of just two choices, freedom of choice or freedom from choice.

Freedom of choice, the vision of our founding fathers. The vision heroic Americans have fought and died for while untold millions benefited from their personal sacrifice. The ability to live life to the fullest, set high goals and strive towards them. The only choice that preserves our freedoms laid out in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Freedom to walk your own path.

Freedom from choice, the vision of the Democratic Party. The cradle to grave welfare state where all things you need will be provided. Where everyone is equal and life's choices are made by government officials who know little and care less about you. Want to be a doctor? Sorry son, the government is short on plumbers today. This is Oborgma, you will be assimilated.

Forget the notion actively discussing politics amongst friends, family and associates is bad mannered. Engage people with an aim towards moving the masses in the direction of true freedom, the freedom of choice. The stakes are too high for anyone to remain silent.

Its time to choose America, where do you want to go?

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