The hypocritical multi-culti Queen Rania of Jordan

Queen Rania of Jordan wrote a lovely little children's book, "The Sandwich Swap," stressing multi culturalism and accepting another's culture. Based on differences in school lunches - the American-American girl prefers peanut butter and jelly while the Arab-American girl munches on hummus and pita - leading to food fights, a party, and eventual understanding and acceptance, the book zoomed to the NY Times best seller list after Rania promoted the English version on television with Barbara Walters and Oprah.

In an interview she gave after the book was published, she said the story had been influenced by her own childhood, and that her own mother in fact sent her to school with hummus and pita sandwiches. Queen Rania also described her shock the first time she saw a classmate eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

But oh dear and what a surprise (not!); apparently the Queen doesn't practice what she preaches according to the Israeli paper, Ha'aretz

Queen Rania of Jordan has turned down several offers to publish a Hebrew version of a children's book she recently wrote.

After this became known Rania claimed her American publisher rejected the request, not the queen. Uhm, she is the queen, she wrote the book, the publisher would make even more money with a Hebrew language edition.

  Also, hummus and pita are more popular in Israel than pb&j.

So queenie, no food fights please. Multi cultural acceptance would be so nice, don't you think? Yum!