The great unraveling of the Left

Could it be that we are watching the final unraveling of the old and well-worn playbook of the Left and the ruling class?  

One of the oldest tactics is the inevitable shouts of racism which is designed to not only distract the opposition but to mobilize minorities seems now to be no longer effective.  The NAACP has been exposed for the hypocritical organization that it is.  The election of a black President, who chooses to tacitly condone rhetoric to keep the races at odds with each other, has ironically released much of the population from the guilt for the country's past sins.  It is now obvious to an overwhelming majority of the population that any country that could elect a black man as President and have the black representation on the list of wealthy entertainers and athletes is not a racist country. 

To use this tactic on the "Tea Party" movement is an epic mistake.  Never in the country's recent history has a genuine grass-root movement been more representative of such a significant part of the population (all races included).  This is not the United States of the 1950's or 60's.

The "Journolist" exposure now confirms the true nature of the once-mainstream media.  Mainly that they consciously chose to either not cover or minimize negative stories about the liberals and Democrats in particular Barack Obama.  While many of us knew this, until now there was never hard evidence however it is now at hand.

Lastly, the process of demonizing one's opponent by innuendo and outright lies is set well on its usual path by the desperate Democrat incumbents who cannot run on their or Obama's record.  However this tactic as well as the bogus racist charge has been overused and can succeed if the only source of news is the old media.

 What all of the members of the current left-wing ruling class have failed to understand while sipping wine and lattes in the faculty lounges and coffee shops of Boston to Washington D.C. is that the really dumb people in fly-over country are not so stupid after all and that the alternative media is now the real "mainstream" media.

On the 4th of July, I discussed that the election of Barack Obama could well be the long term salvation of a country slowing sinking into a socialist morass.  While the process of turning this massive ship of state around is a formidable task, I am more convinced than ever while viewing the goings-on of this past week from afar it can and will be done.
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