President Clarabelle

The country faces grave danger immediately ahead. Increasingly, people agree with Pamela Geller's sentiments:

I have come a long way from when I would listen with trepidation and fear for our nation, so under his spell was America. He [Obama] has long since been exposed as a clown. And folks, if they listen, can't help but see that. Watch him, and sit back and laugh. 

This nation has indeed come a very long way in a very short time with respect to its perception of its President. It took less than a year for the exultation that accompanied Obama's election to disappear. I cannot recall the perception of any other public figure changing so much in such a short period of time. The country and the world knows that the American electorate made a terrible mistake.

While it is clear to most that he was not The One We Have Been Waiting For, the situation is much worse than that. Despite the protection of the press, increasingly the public realizes that the country is in a critical situation and that much of the responsibility for that results from the Clown in the Oval Office. Unfortunately this clown does not try to make you laugh. Worse, this clown does not realize he is a clown. It has gotten so that many of us long for the formerly "great days" of the Carter Presidency. Despite all his faults and bumbling, President Carter looked like Jack Welch in comparison to our current Bozo.

While Ms. Geller sees humor in this situation (and there clearly is), there is also great danger. The world has become a much more dangerous place as a result of President Obama and his idiotic foreign and economic policies. Threats from abroad and the economic crisis are not going away. They will get worse, much worse, before they get better. 

Combine these real dangers with what appears to be a delusional personality  and an Administration devoid of grownups and the situation becomes highly volatile. Self-proclaimed and self-imagined Saviors do not take kindly to being laughed at and ridiculed. It is only a matter of time until much of the country recognizes what much of the world already has -- we are being led by an incompetent. The laughter and disgust will continue to build. While real clowns strive for that reaction, narcissists do not.

We are nearing the point where the survival instincts of the media and the Democrat party take over. Neither wants this President to fail. However neither wants his failure to destroy them. The rats will either begin to abandon this sinking ship or they will throw the Clown-in-Chief overboard. The situation is highly unstable.

Our real-time version of a Greek tragedy probably metastasizes after the November elections. That could be a very critical time for the country and the President. Survival trumps loyalty. It is unlikely, if the people strongly express their dissatisfaction, that the President can hold either the media or his fellow Democrats. If the elections go badly, the laughter will no longer be hidden or limited to political adversaries. The Prince will be openly mocked and disrespected by his previous supporters -- his own party and the media.
How the Narcissist-in-Chief reacts when it becomes apparent, even to him, that he has become a danger to the country and a laughingstock is moot. That only adds to the real dangers already existent. 

Will Clarabelle toot his horn more loudly or will some desperate action be taken in an attempt to regain respect?

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