Obama's foreign policy brings nations together

You have to give Mr. Obama credit, by developing a finely crafted foreign policy which has engaged in a global apology tour, bowed to the moral authority of the Muslim world, reached out to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, hugged Hugo Chavez, made friendly overtures to the Castro brothers and demonstrated a genuine willingness to abandon our allies, he and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have helped to forge new bonds between nations.

This past Monday Fidel Castro made his first public appearance since 2006 and spoke at length (without benefit of a teleprompter) about a number of international issues. Many members of the Obama/Clinton state department may have been expecting kind words regarding the possible normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States, but their hope for a change didn't materialize. Pravda reports that Mr. Castro did express concern that the current U.S. foreign policy could lead to a nuclear world war.

Two days after Fidel Castro's bombshell, the ALBA alliance (Bolivarian Alliance of the people of our America) of Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela issued a declaration in support of Iran and that state's nuclear program. According to the Tehran Times.

The signing of the declaration was announced during a press conference held at the Venezuelan Embassy in Tehran on Wednesday July 14.


We, Ambassadors and Heads of Mission of the Member States of the Bolivarian Alliance of the people of our America - ALBA - in the Islamic Republic of Iran condemn the destabilizing and militaristic aspirations of the United States' Government and its allies, specially the Zionist government of Israel, whose acts lead to a conflict scene against Iran which will be extended to all the Middle East.


The civilized way of dialogue for giving solution to controversies never should be stopped because it is the main form of the relations between sovereign nations in the 21st century. A military aggression against the Islamic Republic of Iran will just bring dreadful consequences to all of humanity.

Pravda reports
that Iran's foreign minister, Manouchehr Mottaki told state television.

"The Islamic Republic believes that nuclear technology should not be monopolized be certain states and all nations must exercise their rights of access to nuclear technology," said Mottaki. "Sanctions are punitive measures. The punishment is usually a conviction for a crime committed and Iran has not committed any crime," he said.

Maybe when Mr. Obama returns from his vacation in Maine he should have a video produced in which he sends warm greetings to the people of Iran...oooops, been there done that! Perhaps he should send Hillary on a tour of Latin America to win support for his foreign policy agenda....oooops, been there done that too! Hey, why not send a video of Mr. Obama receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, people are really impressed by that!