Obama administration negotiates with the Taliban

Well, there's been "a ‘change of mindset' over Obama administration's Afghanistan policy," according to nameless White House officials:

For proof that a picture is worth 1,000 words, look no further than the rogue's gallery featured in the article: Exhibit 1 totes a 60- or 70-year-old carbine, No. 2 supplies local color, No. 3 flourishes what appear to be crossed bayonets, No. 4 proffers a chamber pot, and No. 5 brings up the rear with another ancient carbine. But look again: these are no cave-dwelling terrorists. No, these men donned clean and freshly pressed costumes for their photo op, fresh from Rent-A-Jihadi.

"The US has laid down basic conditions for any group seeking negotiations. They are: end all ties to al-Qaida, end violence, and accept the Afghan constitution." Sure, and the rogue's gallery in the picture are men of honor, would never go back on their word.

And who might be involved in these "secret" negotiations? "Another name mentioned is Michael Semple, an Irishman based in Boston at Harvard's Kennedy School who has extensive contacts with the Taliban." An Irishman. From Harvard. Who has extensive contacts with the Taliban. Well, I'm sure he has America's best interests at heart.

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